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31 August 2003


Your 31 August 2003, Communiqué


Howdy all!

Yet another Flash Interactive Lesson. Today's Flash Lesson concerns two things:

1) reviewing the basic skills of drawing, and...

2) applying them to a profile drawing.

For those of you who're new, we're going through a complete refresher in
the basics of drawing (since that's where the vast majority of questions
seem to center). And being a certified Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (DRSB) instructor, I've as faithfully as I can put into interactive form my interpretation of the DRSB lessons. Folks these really work if you do the assignments!

For those of you just signing up, make sure you go the Archives to get all caught up
(there's four other lengthy Foundations of Drawing Flash lessons there). Just follow
the directions when you get there. As this is written, the 6th and final Flash Foundation
Lesson is being produced. Hopefully you'll see it well before the end of September. :-)

After that, (and a small break...sheesh I need it :-), we get back to caricatures!  To
get today's lesson, just click on this link - make sure you download it to a file
where you can find it again:

To get to the Archives, click here:

The link to the "the profile drawing" will be de-activated in 1 week, so please
download as soon as you can. (You can find it in the Archives after that.)

And one very last thing. Probably two months ago I received a manila folder full
of drawings from someone in Greenville Tennessee - great drawings too, except
there was no way to contact the person. If that's you, send me an email! - the data
base here is built around email addresses.

Enjoy, give me your always appreciated suggestions, and keep on drawing...


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