October 31st, 2001


YouCanDraw.com Communiqué


Hi all, in today's Communiqué:

1) Part V of Ani DiFranco: building hair, the first exaggeration and  you're
in the hot seat - you get to be the caricaturist :-)
2) A whole bunch of uploads to the Archives and the Art Gallery


1) Building hair and continuing with the first exaggeration of Ani DiFranco:

We've uploaded Part V - or should I say the first part of Part V - since it's
only partially finished. On this relatively small page you'll see a breakdown and a
build-up of Ani's hair. You'll find on th esame page links to the e-zine Archives
where hair has been discussed in the past.

You get to caricature!

You'll also find the first exaggeration of Ani DiFranco: it's pretty cruel (though
you may have seen it before). But what you may find most interesting is the
last part of the page where you are in the hot seat: yep you're going to do
the caricaturing. But not to worry - all the parts have been pre-drawn for you.

Just Follow the simple directions

All you have to do is print  and cut-out the various sized features and face outlines,
(lots of small "fly-out" pages) and go bonkers rearranging them for your own
hilarious results. If you want, I'll be more than happy to post your version of the
exaggeration. See the page for more info:


2) Latest updates

Two huge updates today too: both  the e-zine Archives and the Art Gallery have
been updated - a whole gang of pictures and about 40 e-zines have been added  (we
were a little behind :-) . So, if you've missed past issues, now's your chance to go
back and see what you missed. Here's the links:

Art gallery:

The e-zine Archives:

That's all for today. Stay in touch, don't be afraid to ask questions, stay healthy,
and keep on drawing!


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