Hi everybody,

Here's your latest caricature - the one, the only, and much
caricatured Arnold Schwartzenegger. Things I noted that really
make Arnold's face unique:

1) The teeth. For starters, he's a got a big toothy grin. The thing that
I note most is the prominent "two front teeth". They're big, there's a space
between them and most notably, they're bent outward at the bottom just a bit.
(The overall effect the two front teeth make is similar to an upside-down "V".
He also has very prominent "bicuspids" (the canines - you can review the
anatomy in more depth in the "Lips and Teeth" section), which really fill out
the toothy grin. (Follow the border of the teeth with pencil - you'll see
what I mean.)

2) Lips. To accommodate the large set of teeth you need to make a mouth and
lips that will contain all that ivory. He's got strong bones underlying the
mouth. The upper lip starts as a very flat "v" at "Cupid's Bow" (the notch
at the middle of the upper lip), and charges up and out to either side of
the mouth before it arches rapidly down to the beginning of the lower lip.
Arching the lip line out so far strengthens the illusion of wide bones. (A
broad maxilla to be a little nerdy about it.)

3) His jaw. Arnold has a very prominent jaw and lower half face - I made
them as strong as I could in the time I had and still kept some realism (of
course if you keep playing with your pictures, you can exaggerate a ton more
and still keep it recognizable.)

4) The upper eyelids have a strong downward pull as they travel from middle
of the forehead out. I have a quick sketch here at home that I really tipped
them - but didn't quite capture it in this version. (I did half a dozen
quick sketches before Arnold started shaping up.)

5) The forehead. I see lots of caricatures of Arnold where the jaw is big,
the head is narrowest at the eyes, then the forehead is tall and wide again.
He's got a lot of forehead, but I think the lower face is just a bunch more
caricaturable - so I kept the forehead small. It's also a psychological
fact, you don't need to see a person's forehead to recognize them - and
artist's often leave it off entirely. Of course the picture looks "wrong", but most people can't say what it is. Veddy interrrresting.

6) Big ears...that's all I'll say - and somewhat flat against the head.

7) ...And lastly, the big neck. Give anybody a big muscular bull neck and
you instantly install an animalistic athletic persona. (This might even work
for a Bill Gates.)

That's it for now, Keep on drawing. I'll be bock! (soon.)