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Subject: Your June 30th, 2003 Communique

June 30th, 2003


Your June 30th, 2003


Howdy folks,

Quick update today. If any of you have tried to download the latest Flash Lesson
in the last 6 hours (the one on Modified Contour) you may have had difficulty. It's been
moved and you must go to the Archives to get it. Why? When an e-zine contains a
link to a download it often times gets leaked within a discussion group and the servers
get barraged. To circumvent that, it gets moved. Sorry for any inconvenience this
may have caused you.

Link to the Archives:

In fact, the link to the updated Modified Contour drawing lesson page and download
are right at the top of the page in the "From the Top" section. There's links on this page
to too - where you can buy the portfolio with ALL the supplies you'll need to do any of the exercises in any of the lessons. Here's the direct link (yes, you'll need your password):

Short ezines during the Summer

Going to keep it short today folks. I also want to let you know we're working hard
on the next Flash Lesson. In fact the plan for this Summer is to completely finish
the Flash lessons for the foundation lessons. Response has been great and I think
Flash technology offers a really great way to convey concepts, ideas, lessons,
- the whole shebang!

So our effort is going to be directed there for the next one and 1/2 to two months. The
ezines during this time will be short and truncated - unless of course it's an unveiling
of the latest Flash deal.

Your assignment

If I had any assignment for you today it would be to make sure you understand the
revised foundation lessons thus far (all in the "From the Top" section of the Archives)
and that you have actually have done the picture plane drawings. This is vital to
your growth as an artist and caricaturist. There are no short cuts :-) 

Yes you can read the lessons and catch the concepts, but to really "get" and internalize
the lesson, they must be done. In Japan they'll tell you "in the West, they think they
learn everything from the chin on up. In the East, (here) we believe real learning takes
place below the neck". There' something to that :-)

That way, you'll be ready when we get back to reviewing the features of the face
and diving head long back into caricatures. So, enjoy your Summer, keep on
drawing and I'll meet you here again soon.



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