26 November 1999


YouCanDraw.com's Insiders Communique


In this issue:

1) Political cartoons and caricatures
2) A Fun little cartoon site
3) Feature by Feature Mini-series

Hope all of you stateside had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And from
all of us here in the US, we wish the rest of the world a Happy Thanks-
giving too.

1) Political Cartoons

One way caricaturist's make money (besides the party, nightclub, Bar
Mitzvah circuit) is political cartooning. Not only can you get paid, but
you can influence people. That's powerful stuff. I've included a few
sites that grabbed my attention - comparing a couple versions of Hillary
and Bill. One in almost pure cartoon format, the other more "realistic".

Here's the cartoon-like caricature of Hillary and Bill (Hillary is
captured in a bare minimum of lines)


And here's a great example of a more "caricatured/realistic" Bill and
Hillary. (Click on the thumbnail for a larger version - 95k). Bill's
nose is amazing in this picture.


Here's the HomePage for Impolitic.com - great site:


For photos to caricature: Evote.com. A great site for political
candidates and "player" photos:


Looking at these cartoons it's easy to tell there's no strict line
differentiating cartoons and caricatures. There are lots of other links
here you can "link out" to from these pages too. Lots of great political
photos to work from - and they're current too. Contains links to all
the candidates home sites. (It was a chance for me to catch up on
all the new candidates and their platforms - however nebulous their
"platform" might be.)

2) Walking the line between realism and cartoon

For contrast, check this out: a whole site full of great cartoons.
You can examine these to see how facial features are "abstracted" in
cartoon format:


3) Feature by feature drawing assignment

And last, but not least, for those of you who are following the
"Feature by feature" one feature at a time mini-series here's an
attached "minimalized" nose to practice drawing. It contains the
three main wedges of the nose.

Try drawing it 15 to 30 minutes until you've almost got it
memorized. Try to do at least 2 sessions (hopefully 3 or more)
in the next week to "burn" it into your brain. I've included
the link to the nose chapter if youget real motivated and want
to dive headlong into doing noses:


Until next week, keep on drawing and have a blessed holiday season.