Hi everybody!

This latest caricature is of John Rocker,
a relief pitcher for the Atlantic Braves. I
had never seen this guy before and was struck
with how caricaturable this guy is (not to mention
he's an awesome pitcher...even though I was pulling
for the Mets). I did one rough sketch while walking
in on the 8th inning.

Then I did the ink version
with the original sketch underneath a sheet of
11" x 14" Pentalic "Paper for pens", made by
M. Grumbacher, inc. out of Bloomsbury N.J.
The pen: a micron 01 made by Pigma (0.25 mm line

I did a quick and very light outline
sketch with a #2 mechanical pencil on the "paper for
pens" sheet. I tried to do it pretty fast so the
lines didn't look too stiff. I did all of this over
the light box. I'm doing my darndest to not get
hung up on anything looking perfect.

Folks I invite you to use any of my drawings in
work publications, office notes, even your advertising.
(In fact I'd be tickled)I just ask that if you do, you
credit me (and not crop the "kaz" or the "courtesy of
www.YouCanDraw.com). These are fairly low resolution
pictures. If you ever want or need a high resolution
version, contact me.

Keep on drawing!

All and any questions, comments,
criticisms are always welcome
and appreciated.



John Rocker