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Subject: Your 20 September, 2002 every other week

20 September 2002


Your 20 September, 2002
every other week caricature


Howdy all,

today's caricature - who might that be of? I'm going to let you guess :-) (One hint: it's
not Studs Terkel, though this guy does bear something of a resemblance). I'll let you
the answer in the net "e-o-w-caricature".

Just a couple things to note

This picture was drawn in a David Levine style (which I've been working diligently to
capture for about a year and a half), first drawn with light pencil then filled-in with black
Pigma Micron technical pen cross-hatching on Grumbacher Paper for pens.

When working with pen and ink, I'm amazed how important the white spaces
become. Look at how the highlights under the right eye (left eye as you look at the
picture) and the white hair are both just plain paper. Yet the eyes (YOUR eyes), interpret
these two areas as two totally different kinds of things: white hair and reflected light.
This same kind light use is also very true when working in water color, (actually any
media when you think about it) but especially true I think in water color and hatching
since you can see through both. So highlights and "white spaces" become really

One other area of interest

For those of you interested in hatching, note the direction of hatch lines on any
particular part of the face. They tell you a lot about the plane that part of the face
rests in. Look at the lines in the nose: they're all horizontal. Compare those to the
lines on the lips. What do the direction of lines tell you about the stresses within
the actual skin in those parts of the face? Especially in thin skin: like the lips. Now
ask yourself how you can apply hatching in your own pictures.

I find it fascinating how the old masters (from the Renaissance on) liberally use -
and to the exclusion of about anything else - hatches in their drawings. Apparently
it's a useful convention :-)

That's all for today! Keep on drawing and have a great weekend.




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