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Subject: Your September 28th, 2002 Communique

September 28th, 2002


Your September 28th, 2002 Communiqué


Howdy folks,

I just didn't know what to write about today and I didn't have enough time to do
a "from scratch" evaluation of a members drawing, so I decided to just look at what
I had in my "junk drawer". Maybe something would spark an idea. What I did come up
with was a hodgepodge of links to interesting, fact-filled and even bizarre sites. All
have something to do with drawing or illustration. So if you have a few browsing minutes
available today, give a few of these sites a look :-)

The drawing link capital of the world:

I swear this is the link capital of the drawing world. It's the figure drawing source page -
filled with all sorts of references and links:

The 'Net's answer to Isaac Asimov:

I can't tell if these are computer 3-d program creations or plastic/hand sculpted
models - but they are comedic. Look at these, squint, and ask yourself how you
might do a quick pencil sketch of any of these characters.

For the hilarious and bizarre:

(Check out the rest of the site while you're there - the author seems to be  - if he's
truly done everything he says he's done - one of the world's most prolific
artist/actor/writers ;-)    Proof positive that the world is truly made up of all
types of interesting - if not eccentric - people):

Humorous Illustration:

Go to this site and check out the Humor link. The number of different artist's and
different styles represented here is awe-inspiring (if you find a picture you like, click on
the artist's name for a whole new thumbnail page dedicated to his or her art):

Dimple Art software download

Dimple Art software: for playing with and adjusting faces - sometimes I see something
like this and you get motivated - or minimally you get a couple of ideas that the old
drawing brain circuits going (it's a large download if you don't have broadband - about 2.7 mb):

Awesome site for getting a feel of contour lines and three dimensions:

We've been harping about getting the 3-d effect into your drawings, adding perspective,
mastering that three-quarter view, etc. the last couple months. Check out this site and
you'll see how 3-d artists and 3-d programs use contour lines to capture the three
dimensional feel in two dimensions "topographically". You'll see what I mean when
you get there -  (Warning: big kb drawings):

Flash Art

Next. Home of the famous "Dancing Bush" (at the bottom left of the home page). How
germane is this to caricature? I don't know, but all these different cartoon and humor
oriented depictions of celebrities, politicos, and imaginary people gives you an idea
where your up and coming talents may be profitably put to use (lots of entertaining
games too...which I've never been into but I get sucked into playing when I stumble
on to them...surfer beware:-)  :

Jeff Leedy: master spinster of the pun

Here's the home page of an amazing artist I saw recently at the "Uptown Art Fair"
in Minneapolis August of 2002. Jeff Leedy has had artwork published in every major
magazine from TV Guide to Playboy and spends his spare time  dropping in and
stealing the spotlight at first rate art shows all over the country. He had more
people at his tent than any other artist. His m. o.? Build hilarious paintings around
well known puns. He's sort of the Gary Larsen of fine art (note the dramatic
composition in all his pictures):

Fine Art

For true "Fine Art", check out the Leonardo collection at this "" (some of the
art photos are hi-res reproductions of the originals - I don't know how this guy does it copyright
wise, but he does :-).  Tons of other artists to check out while your'e there:

Antidote to too much "high-brow":

If the old masters are too stuffy, check out for some fun, light
but simple and effective colored caricatures. Possibly more cartoon than caricature - but
we won't get into that argument - these are a breath of fresh air:

For the academic minded... (another amazing resource!):

Paper Lion: ...paper art...that is, you cut up the paper and make art out of it (always an
interesting effect):

Hope all's well and you're having a relaxing yet productive weekend! Keep on


Jeffrey O. Kasbohm
Executive Director

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