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Recommended first stop: the e-magazine archives  which is where you'll find the "From The Top" section --after you read the next couple paragraphs of course :-)

If you're a new member, and this is your first time visiting, there's actually two places you can start. First you can make yourself at home at the Insiders Home Page . You'll find directions there on how to begin your caricature drawing lessons one step at a time and descriptions of all the various growing resources - right from the basics of drawing on up.


Second, if you want the fastest, most comprehensive, and most recommended plunge into the foundations of drawing (which form the basis of all the drawing you'll ever do), and links to all the Flash modules, you can go to the e-magazine Archives. You'll also find all past emails there from the past six-plus years and all sorts of other helpful links and resources. Especially click on the links in the "From the Top" section - they'll point you to the most direct and comprehensive "link centers" where you can rapidly find everything you need for each lesson. 


The on-line Archives site is your "at the ready" reference center for any new updates, news, or new "Flash" lessons.  (What's a "Flash" Lesson? Go to the e-magazine Archives and look in the top right hand column (in black) and check them out :-) They're quite popular with everyone who's experienced them. 


The Lessons Library has the descriptions and links to all the lessons too. Starting here and going through each lesson one at a time (and making sure you go to the "New Stuff" links), is a more linear direction to go. If that's your preference, awesome! Also, you can find a link to the e-magazine Archives and to the Lessons Library in the left hand column  from any page in the book. 

The table below is a "quick-click" reference to all the lessons if you already know where you want to go. Happy drawing!


Jeff Kasbohm

Central Links to Individual Lessons:

Lesson 1: Vase/Face Exercise

Lesson 2: Ogre Face Exercise

Lesson 3: Master Link - Upside Down Drawing

Lesson 4: Master Link - Pure Contour Drawing

Lesson 5: Modified Pure Contour

Lesson 6: Master Link - Negative Space

Lesson 7: Master Link - The Viewfinder

Lesson 8: Master Link - Perspective

Lesson 9: Master Link - Light and Shadow

Lesson 10: Master Link - Ears

Lesson 11: Master Link - Noses

Lesson 12: Master Link - Eyes

Lesson 13: Lips and Teeth

Lesson 14: Master Link - Shapes of the Head

Lesson 15: Master Link - Pulling it all together

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