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Master Link Page for ears

1. Ears Introduction page

Here you'll find the overview of the ear's anatomy - breaking down the ear into three drawable parts. Learn these and you'll see them in everybody's ear.

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Pure contour

I think it's very important to keep using the skills you've been learning and apply them to each lesson as you go. You'll use a pure contour drawing exercise here to get you warmed -up.

3. Modified contour

In this step you'll start injecting just a modicum of accuracy into your ear drawings. We're not worrying about perfection in any of these lessons - but we are trying to build a "room" where your skills of observation become a powerful weapon.

4. Negative Space Drawings of the Ear

Here we'll dive into the "non-ear" shapes that surround the ear - again strengthening your skills of observation and your knowledge of the ear at the same time.

5. "Vase-face" drawing of the ears

The "vase-face" approach just reminds us there's more than one way of looking at things and suggests there's probably many more than just one or two. Even if you learn to draw something by memory, drawing it's mirror image will draw you out of "symbol memory" (L-mode) and back into real-time observation (R-mode).

6. Just for fun: Cartoon ears

You've spent a lot of time on just one feature - now it's time to stretch a little and and have some fun. (Of course, all this is fun, right? Right.)

7. Off to Lesson 11: Drawing Noses

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