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Master Link Page for Eyes

1. Introduction: Lesson 12 Drawing Eyes

As usual, you'll find some background anatomy here. You'll see where the eyes fit in to the incredible architecture of the face and head.

New Stuff!  -- make sure you check out this page in the "From the Top" section of the Archives: Drawing Eyes 

Lids and Lashes

An extension of the introduction, you'll explore more of the fine detail of the anatomy of the eye and features around the eyes. You'll learn about things like the "tarsal plate", the "canthus" and the "caruncula" to name a few. These will help you identify these when you begin drawing others. Taken piece by piece, you'll learn and learn to see all these details in your subject's face.

3. Pupils, Iris, and Eyeball

Here you'll start with the three most circular parts of the eye and build outward, bit by bit adding to your awareness of the depth that surrounds each and every eye.

4. Eyelids

Working out from the middle of the eye concentrically, the eyelids become dynamic and expressive parts of the eyes. You'll learn about them here in their simplest form and then build on top of that.

5. Pure Contour Example of the eyes.

As you've seen in the other exercises, modified contour is your first step in getting into R-mode - repetition equals practice, and practice makes perfect.

6. Modified Pure Contour.

Modified contour is the first step in restoring accuracy into your drawings. Here you'll use it for your first detailed drawings of the eyes.

7. Negative space drawing of the eyes.

This is a lesson in seeing the spaces around the eyes and lids as well as a lesson in deepening your flexibility in viewing adjacent shapes - you'll be flip flopping between what's viewed as object and "non-object". You might just realize how arbitrary it all is.

8. "Vase/Face" of the eyes: drawing left and right eyes.

Don't skip this lesson! This is an exploration in both mirror images, and in deepening your R-mode access through practice.

9. Adding the finishing touches to the eyes Part I.

Adding gravity, injecting three-dimensions in your two dimensional drawings - these are the kinds of things you'll learn to add to your eye drawings in this lesson.

10. Finishing Touches Part II

Ever looked close at the bags under a person's eyes? Ever seen the tiny X's in the wrinkles around your own eyes? (Do you feel a little resistance bubble up at thought?) Details like these are at the core of a person's expressive character. You'll learn to start looking for the patterns in those details in this section.

Lesson 13: Lips and Teeth

Moving on to the next set of facial features: the lips and teeth.

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