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Master Link Outline of Lesson 8

I'm going to break lesson 8 down into parts. Those parts are as follows.

Part I: The Challenge of Perspective

Part II: A little more Background on Perspective (clicking on these links will bring you to the next page)

Part III:

  • Exercise One : Your First Official Practice in "Sighting" angles and relations.

Part IV:

  • Exercise Two: Getting your Computer monitor into the Act: A Truly Modern Application of the Renaissance "Grid" Device.

  • Exercise Three: Using your own picture window as a Big Computer Screen Viewfinder

  • Exercise Four Click here for a large gridded photograph, (40 kb). You don't have to draw the whole thing if you don't want to. Set your timer for 20 or 30 minutes and draw as much as you can in that time. The key here is to make use of the grid to help you see each grid is it's own complete and unique composition.

Part V: Reckoning Corners. Convincing your mind the table isn't shrinking. (More Sighting)

  • Exercise Five: Drawing a corner. In this assignment you'll observe and draw a corner in your own house.You can use the viewfinder if you like - I recommend it because you get great references. You'll put to work what you've started learning here about angles. Click here when you're ready.

Part VI: Relating Length and Width (Still more Sighting). This is summation of everything you've seen so far in lesson 8 and an introduction to proportion. You'll find 4 animations here that really explain the gist of sighting and transferring what you've sighted on to your drawing paper. Exercise at end.

Part VII: Proportion. The animations in Part VI throw sighting at you pretty fast. If you're having trouble getting the idea of sighting relationships and proportion through those, we'll break it down to it's most basic here.

Second page of proportion:

This is the second page of proportion. It illustrates some very basic proportion technique.

Links to illustrations used in exercises:

Illustration: format, corner and angle exercise. About 39kb

"Latest view out my window" About 40 kb

Full view of South Pacific Statues. About 40 kb

Gridded Oriental Architecture Exercise. About 40 kb


Here are some interesting drawings you can practice all the skills you've been exposed to in this lesson: negative space, recognition of angles, proportion and perspective. (Note: all drawings are between 38 and 50 kb in size.)

drawing 1

drawing 2

drawing 3

Lesson 9 : Light and Shadow

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