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Lesson 3 Master Link Page

Introduction page

  • Here you'll find an explanation of upside-down drawing. And you'll see how a simple, unassuming experiment lead to a breakthrough in drawing education.
  • If you're a beginner, dive into this section and you'll be mesmerized by what you've always been capable of - but just didn't know how to access.

Page two: Lesson three continued

  • Introduction continues
  • Touch on Upside-down writing: experiment with your own.
  • Upside-down photo recognition with mystery photo. (Can you guess who this is?)

Page three: Getting to the heart of Lesson 3: Your drawing assignments

  • In this, the third page of Lesson 3, you'll find all the actual drawing assignments. You'll also find fourteen upside-down drawings for you to do, (nine of them are actually parts of one bigger picture). Range of difficulty runs from simple to complex. Take your time folks!
  • The lesson-unifying animation is found here too.

Final section of Lesson 3

Homework and some final thoughts on upside-down drawing.

For more reinforcement click here
March 31st 2003

Lesson 4

Here's where you'll keep right on building your R-mode access skills: the core of amplifying your drawing ability. In this lesson you'll be introduced to the one technique that will carry you deeper into R-mode than any other technique you'll learn.

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