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Nose's Master Link Page

1. Introduction to Noses


In this section you'll learn about the different underlying structures of the nose, it's cartilages, and it's main masses. You'll also see why the "wedge" approach to understanding the nose will make drawing it so much easier. You can click on the preview animation link here, or in the introduction:

Click here for a quick animated preview of this lesson

New Stuff! 
-- make sure you check out this page in the "From the Top" section of the Archives: Drawing Noses

Drawing Exercises - and lot's of them!

2. A Quick warm-up:

An upside-down drawing of the nose. Always a great idea: use one of the techniques you've learned to warm-up. Five minutes of any pure contour drawing pulls you right into R-mode. Doing an upside-down contour drawing gets you right into the unfamiliar - which is what you need to to close down L-mode for a while.

3. Pure Contour

In this section, you'll build right on top of skills you've learned in the foundation lessons: namely you'll draw a pure contour drawing of a more complicated nose. This will be easier - you've had a chance to study the different parts of the nose in the introduction and you have the tools to it.

  • Pure Contour Nose examples Take a look at these pure contour drawing examples - they're of the nose (of course) and will give you and idea of what your drawings might look like - we're not worried about a perfect likeness.

4. Modified contour

Again, slow, paced and thorough study of every feature will make a real artist out of you. Stepping up to a modified contour drawing of the nose will start adding more accuracy to your renderings.

5. Negative Space

Here the goal is to apply negative space perception of the shapes around the nose - and learning to stretch to see shapes within the nose as negative shapes as well. This is the first step in learning to flip-flop between what is the real object and what is negative space. An advance over just plain old negative space recognition.

6. Vase/Face: left and right views

When learning to ski, most people learn how to turn in one direction better than the other first. Here you'll be drawing views of the nose from both left and right perspectives - you'll be prepared to draw a nose from any direction after this.

7. Just for fun: building the bridge between cartoon, caricature and realism

8. Lesson 12: Drawing Eyes

Take a little break and come back swinging for eye's. This section prints out at over 60 pages if you printed it all out.

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