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Lesson 4 Master Link Page

Lesson 4 Introduction

  • Here you'll find a brief explanation of pure contour drawing.
  • You'll also discover why it's such an awesome approach for getting out "of your mind" and into your artist's brain.
  • You'll also learn several useful new drawing terms

Pure Contour drawing exercise: the Heart of Lesson 4

  • Complete with animation (as is now customary). This exercise by itself may well bring you to the core of drawing.
  • I recommend doing this exercise two or three times - take your time doing it. Don't rush. You might just discover a whole new world by looking at your hand.


  • Send me your pure contour drawings - I'll happily display them for all our members to see.

  • Send to: YouCanDraw.com, c/o Kasbohm & Company, 1351 Hampshire Ave. South, #127, St. Louis Park, MN, 55426


  • More pure contour exercises: you can do them right from the screen if you like. Try and do two or three more drawings before you move on to lesson 5.

  • There are seven highly detailed, and quite beautiful, photographs here for you to practice your pure contour drawing. (I'm not the photographer.)

  • NEW STUFF ....And make sure you check out these links for some great reinforcement, more exercises, and much more information on understanding the plane, and still more links: 

    Pure Contour
    Understanding the Picture Plane


Lesson 5

  • In lesson five you'll learn about "modified pure contour" - which is the same as "pure contour" except it's "modified". Modified meaning you get to steal glances at your drawing paper and observe your progress. The object is still observing all the nooks and crannies and edges and contours of your hand - or whatever object you might be drawing.

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