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Master link outline for Lesson 9

Part I: Introduction to Shadowing

In this large introductory section you'll be introduced to the idea of shadow as shape. You'll glance at "Light Logic"; you'll experience first hand the simplifying power plain old every day squinting can introduce to your observations.

There's several other topics touched on here too: tones and values and the "ground" technique to name a few. There's also a small inter-page link index at the top so you won't get too overwhelmed. Get through Part I and you'll be ready for...


Part II: Your first shadow exercise

Here you'll put to work in small steps, the actual techniques you need to render shadows. And guess what? It's really nothing new. Recognizing shadows is kissin' cousin to all the skills you learned in the lessons on positive form and negative space. (Not to worry, if you need to review those lessons, all the links are in Part II. )


Part III: Cross-hatching and tone

In this section you'll learn a few techniques that'll allow you to build up layers of tone - a great technique for building shadows and adding depth to your caricatures and pictures. You'll learn that cross-hatching is another learned skill, and you'll read about some easy to do ideas that'll turn you into a cross-hatching pro in no time.


Part IV: Light logic and using the ground

In this last and final section of the foundation lessons, you'll apply the principles of what you've learned in Part III on Shadows: that by using the same techniques - with a really fun twist - you can achieve whole new dimensions in your drawings. You'll learn about the "ground" and it's place in a 3-tone picture; you'll start feeling the "gestalt" of drawing - the fifth skill of drawing, and you'll purse string together all the skills you've been exposed to in the first nine lessons.


New Stuff! - Make sure you don't miss these intense lessons / exercises found in the Archives "From the Top" section:
Profile drawing of the face

Click here for light and shadow lesson

Applying what you've learned: Lesson 10 -  Ears

You could describe these first 9 Lessons  as "See it and you'll believe it".  In this next section you'll be applying, rehearsing, and reconnoitering your fledgling drawing skills. You could describe the approach as "Believe it and you'll see it". We begin by studying the features of the face one at a time. First at bat: The Ears

The thought here is if you know there's more you're supposed to be looking for, you'll start seeing it - and in all the faces you draw, be they portraits or caricatures or cartoons. Once you know there's all sorts of other layers of detail right there under your nose, you'll really start seeing them and make even more of your own discoveries.  


Back to the Lessons Library

Congratulations! Lesson 9 is the last of the foundation lessons. If you're moving through the program from beginning to end, it's time to start applying to what you've been working so hard at to actual features of the face. If you're frustrated, take a break. If you're really stuck, send me an email and I'll try to answer your questions - either in a personal email or in the communiqué.

Lastly, don't forget to take full of advantage of the Flash interactive Lesson in the Archives over this same topic (Light and Shadow).

Just remember: in all art, quantity comes before quality. So keep on drawing! It will come.

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