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Warm-up: Upside-down drawing of the nose

From time to time I'm going to throw in an exercise from the foundation lessons. I think it's a good idea to review some of the simple yet powerful techniques Betty Edwards has both discovered and developed for accessing the artistic mode of the brain.

(If you 'd like to review the entire lesson on "Upside-down drawing" lesson press: Upside-down Drawing.)


The directions are simple: you'll need 10 -15 minutes; a sheet of paper, and a pencil. Read the directions first before you draw.

Start at the top of image. Work your way down a line at a time. Start with one line. Any line. Compare it's relationship to vertical and horizontal. Ask "What direction and how far does this line travel at this angle?" When you've drawn that line, contour, or curve, go to the one right next to it. And then the next, etc.. Incorporate what you know about negative space - at least be cognizant of it. (You'll get more negative space practice below.)

Pay attention to how it feels to drop in and out of R-mode. When your'e done, ask yourself "how did that feel?". Did you notice how sounds disappeared, how time slipped away? Make it a habit of reviewing what you experienced as you drew when your'e done drawing. (You'll build a powerful neuro-connection to that state of mind by making a habit of review.)

(Note: I'm writing these lessons as if you're doing them in order. You don't have to, it's all up to you how you approach it, but they build on each other.)

Draw this "thing".

Try to avoid using words or names when doing this exercise. (That's why I say I "draw this "thing'" under the illustration.) Avoiding language as much as possible keeps L-mode (the rational-language centered mind at bay).

Now go ahead and begin drawing.

That's an excellent warm-up. Pat yourself on the back for your tenacity. You're cruising right along! Return to the main nose page and start the Pure Contour drawing.

Go to noses: pure contour

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