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Examples of Student Drawings

Note: To keep download time minimized, images were converted to black and white from pencil. They lose texture, richness and some of their depth in the process. I mention that, so when you see your picture here you'll understand why it looks different.

As you scan these drawings before you begin drawing, make note of a few things. In none of these do you see the stiff-lined, stereotypic kinds of marks you see when someone is drawing from an L-mode memory.


Your Picture here

They look fresh and they have character. They're drawn unencumbered by inhibition and judgment. They even look confident, don't they? Your drawings will too as you as relax and left the R-mode take over in this exercise.

Pure Contour I did of my hand

Also notice that in most of the drawings, only part of each drawing will look like a hand - if it does at all. Press for another example

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And reproducing an exact replica of your hand is not the point of this exercise. So take the pressure off yourself, this will be a very satisfying experience for you. If you feel like you're just not getting very deep into R-mode, keep at it! Take a break, and come back tomorrow or the next day and try again. You will get it. (Remember, you are doing things every day that involves this shift! We're learning here to make the shift at will.)

Once you've looked at these pictures, go back to step one, set your timer and begin drawing. There's homework for your to do at your leisure after you're finished with this exercise. As with all the exercises I invite you to send me your lesson drawings for display at this site, with your name.

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