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Cartoon time

Time to have a little fun! In the previous sections on the ear you learned about a lot of detail. Now, it's time to abstract a little and go a little wacko. And that's exactly what cartoon feature's are: wacky abstractions. The trick is twofold:
  • 1) to recognize the different parts of the ear in the different views, and
  • 2) to be able to capture a likeness of the ear with a minimal amount of line.

Three different views of the ear: side, front and rear views:

Side View #1


Side View #2


Front View


Rear View

Your assignment:

1) Pick 3 or 4 ears from each view and draw 8 to ten quick sketches of each. Remember to draw them in both left and right views (mirror image). For that. you may want to review the section on Vase/face views of the ear on the master link page. Suggestion: pull out your viewfinder (Lesson 7) to help isolate each ear.

2) When you're done with that, your assignment will be to draw a big old round face and put on both cartoon ears and your ears, that is ears you see from a favorite picture of yourself. Don't worry about drawing accurate eyes or noses or teeth or anything else. Just have fun with this.

Draw these ears onto a great big circle face or stick drawing like this:

Have fun with these

The only thing I want you to worry about is putting ears on a head with or without a body, without worrying about having to do anything right! Go for it. Do this for 15- 20 minutes. There is no way to do this wrong.

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